Visas to Enter the State of Israel

The Minister of the Interior of the State of Israel is in charge of implementing the laws of the State which specify the conditions for entering Israel (the Law of Return, 5710 – 1950, and the Entry into Israel Law, 5712 – 1952). The power to implement these laws abroad was delegated to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and to Israel’s representatives abroad.

Israel has Visa exemption agreements with many countries. Before going to the mission, check whether you need to obtain a visa to visit Israel. It is important to emphasize that the exemption applies only to visas for visits and to passports but not to laissez passer.

Note that documents must always be sent to Israeli missions via registered mail. Payment by bank draft is acceptable; payment by personal check is not.

On the following pages you’ll find the types of visas and the application process for obtaining them.

Determine your Status and follow the necessary process to achieve Israeli Citizenship.


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