Family Law

When I write “Family Law”, I mean every aspect of it, especially those regarding a “mixed marriage.” (For example, it could be a Jew with a non-Jew or a new immigrant with an Israeli. There are other combinations, too.)

Family relations are a very big part of the immigration process. Either the marriage is successful and not affected by the new life in Israel or …

In Family Law, like in Criminal Law, one of the most important factors is how to present your case to your lawyer in order to be better understood. I am very well aware of the tremendous pressure and the multitude of emotions involved in a Family Law case, especially when children are involved, or in a criminal case when our very liberty is at stake.

There is no guaranteed recipe or magic. One must neutralize emotions as much as possible, take full responsibility, trust the lawyer and if he has, trust the counsel, but mainly one must be ready – absolutely sure – he is doing the right thing, taking the right measures and is ready to take full responsibility for his decisions.

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