Family Law – Children’s Rights & Abduction

As a lawyer and a loyal citizen of the State of Israel, I feel responsible and unafraid to confront any topic, including children’s rights and parental authority.

In general, I am not against the right of parents to use some type of punishment to discipline their children. However, I am not in favor of violence against children as a method of education. We must find a middle road. It’s time to stop, reorganize and rethink our values as a society.


We have lost parental authority.

The problem is the balance between parents’ needs as educators and, with today’s endless limitations, the scarcity of educational tools. Society is creating a younger generation that has no respect for its elders and children are not prepared for adulthood because they have very few boundaries imposed upon them.

We are creating a society of competitors; not a society in search of excellence. We are deepening the gaps between the rich and the poor, the big cities and the peripheries; and we are still searching for high IQs instead of high EIQs (Emotional Intelligence Quotient). We will end up with a lot of geniuses who are incapable of marrying, or even socializing.

As difficult as it sounds, a child’s right to express his opinion by refusing to obey his parents must end where his parents have the obligation to educate and prepare him for real life.

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