Thank you for opening this book and taking the first step to improving your chances for a Successful Aliyah!

As an immigrant of almost 40 years, I have a lot of life experience to share. As an Israeli lawyer I often find myself helping new immigrants (olim), as well as immigrants who have lived in Israel for many years. With everything from challenges with government agencies, banks, service and retail companies to the many aspects of family law, real estate transactions, military service, employment law, business law, taxes and resolving debts, I have dealt with many of these challenges personally as well as countless times on behalf of clients, family members and friends

Many of the topics covered in this book could have been categorized in more than one section. I chose what I thought was the most relevant section for each topic and for your convenience you will find an index toward the end of the book that provides links to other places in the book where the topic is also referenced.

Most of the chapters dealing with family law are based on true stories of people who were faced with challenges during their immigration and assimilation process. Unfortunately, many families and individuals have been challenged with tremendous pressure during their first few years in Israel. The good news is that many have grown from those experiences and are still here.

The goal of my book is not to scare you, but to better prepare you for  dealing  with new and unexpected realities in what for you is a new country. Israel is a relatively young country with evolving laws as it matures  or as a response to new  political initiatives .Remember, you are dealing with a very different type of mentality here than what you may be accustomed to but with a little persistence, patience and understanding there are countless stories of those who’ve found a rewarding life in Israel .

For those of of you who arrive with your families, depending upon their age, it can be very hard for children to adapt (without the proper foundation and support) when starting a new life in Israel. In addition, not all spouses are as dedicated as we are with respect to starting a new life in Israel. When one’s immigration affects more than just you it is even more critical to be prepared, patient, compromising and understanding. As  part of a family each of you may have your highs and lows but as a team you are stronger together than apart.

As you learn how to best interact with Israelis (and remember you too are now an Israeli) remember that Israelis are like “Sabras” (the prickly pear cactus fruit) – full of thorns on the outside, but sweet and tender on the inside.

You will be amazed to learn how easy it is to experience that sweetness – I hope this book will show you the fastest and safest way to get there

Welcome Home,

Tzvi Szajnbrum