This book would not be possible if not for the many volunteers that have helped VOLEH during the last past years.

The most influential and active member of this organization is without any doubt Tehillah Hessler, who is also our faithful webmaster and with whom we consult constantly not only on matters regarding our internet issues but also with helping us to try to narrow the gap between the Israelis and new immigrants.

Among our volunteers we have lawyers, editors, social workers, psychologists and many others. Some have been with us from the very beginning; some are no longer active, and unfortunately, some have left Israel.

The most inspiring people were, and still are, those who are constantly “criticizing” us, and those who from the very beginning tried to persuade us that the creation of VOLEH was unnecessary and would accomplish very little – the more they tried to convince us, the harder we pushed to succeed.


This is the message I would like to send to those with non-constructive criticism:

“When everyone is judging you harshly – what does it mean? If you are doing well, the only reason they judge you severely is because they expect a lot from you. Don’t disappoint them, but don’t be too hard on yourself – because when it comes to the crunch, you are only human.”

“The more you do, the more you will be criticized, but also the more comfort you will find in the results of your efforts! So, keep working and let them talk!”

(Unknown author with my personal adaptations)


Finally, don’t make the mistake of thinking:

“I am grateful that I am not as judgmental as all those censorious, self-righteous people around me.”