About Voleh

Our Mission

To ease the immigration and absorption process for new olim to Israel, Voleh provides helpful articles, guidance, and the assistance of volunteers who have themselves been through the process.


Voleh is an organization made up of both lawyers and non-lawyers who try to help and guide Portuguese and English-speaking immigrants—both new and old timers.

We find that there are two main groups regularly seeking advice from the organization: new immigrants to Israel and future immigrants who have many questions about settling in Israel.

From our previous experience of working with a wide range of new immigrants, we have learned that the best way to help is by preventing problems. To achieve this aim, we use short articles explaining main issues in Israeli life ranging from bank account management to mixed marriages.

My advice is not always strictly legal advice. At times, it comes from my personal experience as a new immigrant many years ago. As a former officer in the Israeli army, I have the pleasure and opportunity to give much-needed information that can lead new immigrants in the right direction regarding any information they need regarding the IDF. In addition to me, there are many other good people volunteering with us who can be completely relied upon for supplying up-to-date and accurate information.


Free Legal Aid Guidelines

Our goal is to keep the community (new and old Immigrants in particular) informed as to how the Israeli legal system works. We’ve learned that knowledge of the system can help prevent future problems.

We don’t try to “teach” law and we do not attempt to interpret the law or the judicial decisions word-for-word. Instead, we try to explain our topics in clear and concise language that most people can understand. Therefore sometimes we don’t explain an issue in detail.

We avoid politics at any price.



We do not ask for donations.

We do not accept donations.

We do not give donations.


Hotza’a La’poal – Bailiff’s Office or Writ of execution 

The services offered in this area are generally free, but do not include representation.


Free Legal Services

Letters, advice and many other services are free.

Representation is not free.

To request Voleh’s free legal services, please make your first contact through Voleh’s website contact form.


We hope we can continue to serve the community and help new and old immigrants to cope better with their new lives in Israel.


Help Us Help You

Every new immigrant has times of light and unfortunately times of darkness. This is the reality. Moving to a new country, new language and especially a new mentality is very stressful. We at VOLEH can offer a better way to deal with the dark part of your Aliyah – this is our job. Your job is just to be willing to see the light, let US help YOU.

We deal with small and big issues concerning every aspect of the legal system, every day we have a new case (sometimes a few cases) and every new case is for us the most important because we understand the impact the results (good or bad) will have in this new immigrant’s life.

We have done a pretty good job helping people to “stay in Israel”, to “accept” the system and to adapt to it. We may have done wonders, but we’re not miracle makers. We have had our failures/lack of successes (depending on one’s point of view) with a few cases because not every single case can be solved with a “happy ending”.

There are four major issues when dealing with a new immigrant’s legal problem:


Not looking for help on time, before things get really nasty can be crucial. Procrastinating will cause more harm and eventually put you in a situation where it may be almost impossible to solve your issue in a desired manner in a way that allows you to “start clean” from the beginning. This is especially true in two areas:

1) Divorce

In a divorce case, timing is crucial (but it is not the only important factor). Every delay can cause turmoil and increase the chances of irreversible damage regarding the legal process, causing you to reach a “poor agreement” in the end.

2) Dealing with Debts

In a “debt related case”, timing is very important in order to avoid receiving a “ban to leave Israel”. But being very organized is also very important; one must know what is being asked of him, to whom he owes money, his real income and expenses. All this is crucial to building a plan to rescue a person from his debtors.


Living in denial to avoid despair is very common. Believing that “everything will be fine in the end” might seem to be a good cure for the “debt disease” and a better one in a “domestic violence or divorce case”. After all, who wants to admit s/he failed in the marriage? Who wants to admit s/he could not handle the finances properly? But it’s think about situations rationally and not to procrastinate.

The language factor

Command of the Hebrew language, the ability to understand what is being said to you, to communicate fluently and especially to be understood, can have a major impact on your life and certainly in a legal process – or even before it becomes a legal process.

The trust factor

Many times we are turned down when asking for a power of attorney.  How are we expected to help you without having a power of attorney? In Israel a lawyer cannot represent (or even write a letter in someone’s name) if he hasn’t a valid power of attorney, and in Hebrew!

If you need help and don’t trust us, it will be impossible to work together. There are no exceptions – we need your cooperation and yes, we need your trust as well. You will have to trust us and your debtors if you want to reach a good agreement. You will have to trust the legal system and the judge. You must understand that your own benefit is also our best interest, our success and proof that we have achieved our goals.


Acute Stubbornness Syndrome

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds”

Albert Einstein

Yes, we are somewhat stubborn in “VOLEH”. Too many people out there, even those with good and sincere intentions cannot take any criticism, not from us or from anyone else. They should know we have “acute stubbornness syndrome” therefore, we will keep using positive criticism in a clean and respectable language as a tool to make changes happen. We will keep creating changes in society, we will keep representing the best interest of this country and mainly we will keep helping newcomers to integrate better and faster into the Israeli society because we believe smooth integration is a very valuable advantage.

We are of course, open to new ideas and positive criticism. We remember Confucius’ words “It is only the very wisest and the very stupidest who cannot change

The best way to deal with problemsThere is no perfect way but the certain winner and my favorite is thinking out of the box.

The concept “unsolvable problem” is unacceptable for us, and we refuse to accept the idea of “no solution”. Problems are created by naiveties, stupidities, bad management, intentions (bad and good), etc. Creative solutions are to be found where nobody else thought to seek them.


As much as we try, we still have to deal on a day-to-day basis with people looking for our assistance, but not willing to trust us or those trying have their way or no way even if they do not understand the Israeli way. We can do a better job if you help us to help you.


In Conclusion

If you seek us for help please remember we are a “team”. We must work together and in full coordination in order to achieve your objectives as best as possible – and as soon as possible!